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Members of the St. John's Rod and Gun Club who are in good standing and have completed Orientation can access our facility 7 days a week daylight to dusk. Members are free to use Rifle/Pistol Ranges A, B, & C, Shotgun Range E along with some SJRGC owned clay target throwers, and Archery Range F. Click the links below for more information on addition range & shooting groups that you may be interested in joining at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club.

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Junior Marksmanship

The St. John’s Rod and Gun Club supports a flourishing and enthusiastic junior membership through the provision of reduced membership fees, dedicated junior events and mentorship in firearms discipline and responsibility.

Junior members are aged 18 and below and, under the current regulations, require close adult supervision while using the Club’s facilities. A junior may use the Club’s ranges with reduced supervision if in possession of a Federal Minor’s Licence. The Club’s Range Safety Officers can assist juniors over the age of 12 in the applications for the Canada Firearms Safety Certificate Course and the Minor’s Licence.

Some current junior activities include:

The Club’s Range Safety Officers are available to assist junior or family activities and can provide guidance to beginners and interested members of the community.

Club Training Courses for Juniors

The St. John’s Rod and Gun Club is pleased to offer two introductory courses for juniors interested in gaining the basic skills and discipline in the use of firearms. Both courses lead to the acquisition of the Canadian Minor’s Licence,  a necessary first step for young people intent on pursuing long term interests in hunting or shooting sports. The longer course is fairly intensive and requires a regular, weekly commitment over 6 months.

Introduction to Firearms. Short Course.

The short course has a minimum of 20 hours over a duration of 3 months and includes 3 distinct modules:

a)    Membership in the Club, new member orientation, safety instruction and a short session of rimfire shooting. A total of 4 hours.

b)    Undertake the training course and exam for the Canada Firearms Safety Certificate. This course is offered by the College of the North Atlantic, who also provide the certified instructors. Students will be guided through the subsequent licensing  process. Total time 10 hours.

c)     Attend Youth Day at the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club. This is run by the Wildlife Division of the Government of Newfoundland in conjunction with the Club, usually in August, and provides a fun-filled experience of rifle, shotgun and archery activities as well as sessions on conservation and wilderness safety. Total time 6 hours.

There may be additional shooting opportunities depending on individual circumstances and the availability of instructors.

Junior members are welcome to attend all regular Club events throughout the year, including trap, sporting clays and archery. Club membership fee includes $5m liability insurance coverage.

This course is available to all young people. It will also qualify for the short skill section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award at the Bronze level. (3 month duration) for those engaged in the Award.

Recommended age is 12 and up. Younger participants may be considered, but are not permitted to apply for the licence.

The Club provides its services free of charge to junior members and the club instructors are volunteers.

Costs include:     Club junior membership fee -$30 annually.
            Canada Firearms Safety Certificate - approx. $60
            Canada Firearms Licence Fee - $30 (over 2 years)
            Occasional shooting - contribution to ammunition - $10      

 Introduction to Marksmanship. Long Course.

This intensive course includes all components of the short course with the addition of:

a)    Regular shooting on a weekly basis, covering rifles, hand guns and shotguns with opportunities for archery for those interested.

b)    A one day safety training course and exam to qualify as Junior Range Safety Officers,  conducted by the Club’s Range Safety Officers.

c)    Indoor activities will be held during the winter months covering sight adjustment and target practice with air rifles together with an introduction to the science of ballistics and reloading.

d)    Maintaining and cleaning firearms and other equipment is an essential part of the activity and students will be required to help.

e)    The Club is run by volunteers. Juniors are expected to participate in the maintenance of the ranges and other duties from time to time.


The course is open to all young people over the age of 12.

Instruction will be over a 6 month duration and will qualify participants for the long skill training, Duke of Edinburgh Award, at the Bronze and Silver levels.

Firearms are the property of the instructors but will be available to the students at the firing line.

Club Instructors will provide transportation from St. John’s to the Club after school during the shooting season.

The Club will provide ammunition and targets during instruction and students are expected to contribute $10 per shoot towards the cost. Other fees will apply during shooting events, but the Club always provides generous discounts to its juniors.

Students should be aware that activities are curtailed during the winter months due to lack of daylight after school and weather related issues restricting access to the ranges.

For further information: contact the Youth Coordinator

Additional guidance on firearm activities for young people may be obtained through these links: