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The Executive has added this "Report an Incident" function to the club website. This is in response to continuing damage to club property and lack of respect from a few who may not even be club members for club rules and safe operating procedures. It is essential that reports identify both the activity and the person(s) responsible. Identification could be done by name, membership number and/or vehicle licence plate. The information you report goes to two members of the club executive and is not published on the club website. Your report will be reviewed by the Executive and further questions may be posed so your contact info is important. It may result in punitive action being taken against those concerned ranging from discussion with a RSO to expulsion from the club. The intent is to reduce or end damage to club property and make our club a pleasant, clean and safe place to shoot.

Please fill out the form below with as much detail on the incident as you can and we will take it from there.

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